Monday, April 1, 2013

More Athlete Success!

UPDATE: Chandler and Sarah were competitive at Nationals and moved up about 10 places over last years results!

UPDATE: Jarrett and Rylan made it through the weekend with six straight wins to capture the Southern Championship trophy and are moving on to Provincials this weekend!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

South Western New Brunswick's Top Athletes

A big congratulations goes out to Proto Strength & Conditioning athlete Chandler, who not only qualified for the short track speed skating national championships, he set yet another personal best this season (at least his third!) and made the provincial funding standard.  Sarah, who's been on the podium for every New Brunswick race this season and a few in Quebec also qualified for the nationals next week in Montreal.

Jarrett, after collecting his 6th shut out of the season (and they still only play him half the time!) was named to the all-star team.  His team mate Rylan, now fully recovered after a broken forearm early in the season, is back to scoring goals and has been invited to join the summer elite team.

In other news, Mike signed his commitment letter to Mount Alison University, and is making big gains by as he's training hard to get on the field for the Mounties this fall.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Philly Cheese Steak

4 slices of fresh cooked roast beef*
1/2 a small onion
small handful of mushrooms
1/2 a bell pepper (green is traditional, but red, orange, and yellow are a sweet variation)
mild cheese (like Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, or Cheddar)  For a kick, try blue cheese instead.

Heat a bit of oil in a large frying pan, over medium-high heat.  Cut up the veggies and add to the pan.  After a couple of minutes, push veggies to the perimeter, and lay beef slices into the pan.  Flip the meat after one minute. One minute later, break up the meat a bit and stir the entire contents.

Toast a large bun, if that’s how you plan on eating this.

Push the beef and veggies together in the centre of the pan.  Add some of your favorite BBQ sauce, and grate (or slice) a bit of cheese on top of that. Turn off the burner.

When the cheese melts, but before it drips through the rest, serve the whole lot on a bun, or wrap.

*Get this from Jeremiah’s Deli in the Saint John City Market, unless you're fortunate enough to have some leftovers.  Alternatively, you could use about 100g of ultra-thin steak but it’ll take a bit longer.  In a pinch, processed cold-cut roast beef could be used but it won’t be anywhere near as good.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chicken Tomato Delight

This recipe was contributed, by CCAA Volleyball star (and Proto Strength & Conditioning Athlete) Jasmine Lavoie.   It's a tasty one!

olive oil
1 shallot
1 boneless skinless chicken breast
bruschetta mix (see below)
1 tomato

Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat.  Finely chop the shallot. Cut up the chicken into cubes.  Add these to the frying pan.

Dice the tomato.  When chicken is almost cooked, add a few spoonfuls of bruschetta mix and the extra tomato.  Sprinkle in the parsley.  Cover and let simmer until chicken is fully cooked.

Equally good on it’s own, with garlic bread, or on pasta.  You can double the recipe add some chicken broth and a handful of cooked rice to the leftovers to make a nice soup for tomorrow.

Bruschetta mix is sold at the deli counter of the large grocery stores.  It’s pretty simple to make on your own though:

Chop up some tomatoes and onion in about a 2-1 or 3-1 ratio. Mash and chop a few garlic cloves.  Put everything into a bowl.  Drizzle some olive oil over the top and more salt than you think is right.  (The salt draws the juice out of the tomatoes and garlic so the flavours can blend.  Drain off the excess salty liquid before you use it.)  Add some pepper and plenty of oregano.  Mix it all up and allow some time for osmosis to do its thing.  If you wish, add some dried chilies and/or parmesan and/or basil.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peach Basil Chicken Pasta

Great this time of year, with peaches in season, and fresh basil from the garden!

1 small onion
1/3 red pepper
2 cloves of garlic
2-3 boneless skinless chicken thighs (or one breast)
1 peach
salsa (or a small tomato and hot sauce)
lime wedge

Start a pot of water for the pasta and heat some olive oil in a frying pan just warmer than medium heat. (The timing of this recipe works perfectly with Italian styles as they typically take 8-12 minutes to cook, but you can use whatever you want.)

Dice the onion and red pepper, and crush the garlic, then add to the pan of hot oil.  Dice the chicken and toss it with enough basil to cover about 25% of each die.  When the onion softens, add the chicken to the pan.

When the water boils add the pasta to the pot and cook.  At this time, stir a chopped and crushed peach (liquid and all) as well as a few spoonfuls of salsa into the frying pan.  Continue to cook the chicken-peach mixture allowing it to reduce until the pasta is ready.  Squeeze a lime wedge over the dish before serving.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Week Full Of Success For Proto Strength And Conditioning Athletes

It's been another successful week for Proto's athletes as they've met their goals:

Rylan did it again, breaking his own record in the 800m by a whopping 11 seconds at Hershey Atlantic!  This should qualify him for the Hershey International meet.  Jarrett's event was rained out, so it will take a bit more time before he finds out if his times from the Provincial meet will qualify him.

Josh passed the RCMP's PARE with flying colours, and thirty seconds to spare!

Denise red-pointed tor-TIL-lah 5.10b with grace and ease!

Finally, Mark shot a 76, his best score at the Westfield Golf Course.

Your efforts and commitment to training has really paid off, guys. Congratulations.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beef Pho

Soups are great meals for maintaining hydration this time of year, and this Beef Pho recipe is an incredibly flavourful version that's simple to make in a hurry.  The relatively high glycemic index of the rice noodles combined with the bovine protein, make it a great meal for right after a workout.  See here for more  info on nutrient timing.

1 litre beef broth
3 cm ginger
1 small shallot
crushed dried chiles
a handful of bean sprouts
100g of beef (cheap round steak is fine)
2 green onions
a small bunch of cilantro, or fresh Thai parsley or Thai basil
sesame oil
soy sauce
a small brick of rice vermicelli (75-100g)

Pour 1 litre of beef broth into a saucepan over maximum heat.  If you have some sake or rice wine vinegar add a shot to the saucepan.  Grate about 3 centimeters of garlic into the broth.  Thinly slice the shallot and add to broth.  Add some crushed dried chilies, and some Thai curry powder or Asian 5-spice blend if possible.  You can also add a spoonful of tamarind sauce if you wish.  Cover and bring to a vigorous boil.

Wash the bean sprouts and place in the bottom of a big bowl. (If you haven’t got a big bowl, you’ll have to eat right out of the pot.)  With an extremely sharp knife, cut the beef into paper-thin strips.  If you have the foresight, partially freezing the steak, maybe for 45 minutes, will help with this process.  Spread the beef slices over the sprouts, and add a few grindings of pepper and salt.  Thinly slice the green onions, and cilantro and place them on top of the beef.  Drizzle some sesame oil and soy sauce over the whole lot.

Assuming it is now boiling vigorously, ladle out about half the broth to freeze it for later use.

Add rice vermicelli to the stock that is boiling away in the saucepan and cook for 60 seconds (or as recommended on the package directions).  Pour the noodles and broth from the saucepan into the serving bowl to cover the onion, beef, and sprouts.  While it cools to eating temperature, stir the soup a few times to separate the beef strips and ensure all surfaces get cooked by the broth.